For depositing to your account, please notice us your deposit information prior to transactions.
We will review it and send you a Reference No. and our banking information you need for depositing.

You can get a Welcome Bonus (500USD) for your initial deposit.

You can also get a Deposit Bonus from FCS
It will boost your trading account up to 100% of the initial investment.

Your Deposit / Deposit Bonus %
■ 10,000.00 – 49,999.99USD / 10%         ■ 50,000.00 – 99.999.99USD / 30%
■ 100,000.00 – 499,999.99USD / 50%    ■ 500,000.00 – 999,999.99USD / 70%
■ 1,000,000.00 – / 100%

FCS’s bonuses will be withdrawable by trading for a year and trading over 500 times of your balance that you deposited.

Your ID No.

First Name

Last Name

Expected Date of Remittance

Email Address

Remittance Country

Remittance Currency

Remittance Amount of Funds

USD (at least 1,000USD)